How to sidechain with izotope alloy 2 in ableton 9?

I'm using alloy 2 for a mixdown on a track and other audio mixing needs in ableton.  So far its working nicely except I can't really seem to get side chaining to work right.  I can get the chain to trigger, when I tried doing some different routing in ableton.  But that method would block the drum sounds I wanted sidechained from playing.  Anyone know how to route things in alloy 2 or ableton to get things working proper?  I'm going to try some more ways and see what happens.

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    Give this a try ...

    Bounce the audio tracks that you want to use as your side-chain trigger and add the wav as a new audio track.  OR if it's only one track you need to use for the trigger, just duplicate it -- I think in Live 9, even a MIDI track will work, whereas in 8 it may have had to have been an audio one.

    In the In/Out section of your trigger track, change Audio To from Master to whatever the name of the track is where you're trying to side chain, say KillerPulsingBassline.  In the drop-down below that, change from Track In to iZotope Alloy 2.  Then in Alloy, of course, turn on the sidechain button in your compressor, gate, or whatever.

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