How to setup tone generator to generate infinitely long tones

Hi folks, I would like Ableton 9 to generate infinitely long tones (unless I stop manually the tone generator) so that I can feed this continuous signal into all kinds of filters and what not while experimenting with filter settings to create new sounds. I want Ableton to do this rather than attaching an external synth or whatever other hardware or software is out there to do that.

Using a sample and looping it is not so great because no matter what I do there is always a little clipping audible on loop repeat. However, I would like to get a genuine continuous tone, be it a sine, square of whatever basic tone playing indefinitely until stopped manually and without having to keep a key of a MIDI keyboard pressed.

Any ideas? Can this be setup within Ableton alone or would it need Max for this?

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    After a bit more tinkering and searching the internet the answer seems to be Max for Live. I got Live 9.1 and  the Max version that came with it, i.e. 6.1.6. There are some tone generators in the Max Instruments section. I can route their output into audio effects at least. Also synthfan provides some M4L patches I found online:

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