how to setup microbrute with Ableton live? NOOB here

I bought a Arturia Microbrute and Roland cakewalk ua-25ex soundcard, plugged a 1/4 cord from brute s output to the soundcard input 1, plugged midi in from brute to midi out  of the soundcard, followed the mad zach tut with the external hardware in live and check on track and sync in the preferences.Now I hear the brute trough my soundcard but i don t know how to either record the brute or to send midi ( I tried to make a piano roll loop and it doesn t work ) What I want is to make loops in abletons piano roll and send that midi to my brute and record that loop( knob tweaking im doing while its playing ).
I hope i'm clear enough and thanks in advance for the feedbacks! Can t wait to understand how everything works and produce with this brute! 


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  • Near Earth Object
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    to do this you will need a midi track and an audio track OR a midi track that contains an "External Instrument" device.

    I'll use the audio and midi track setup as an example: the idea is basically the same for an external instrument track, as far as routing is concerned, but then in one track.

    - Start by loading an empty midi track.

    - in the in/out settings for that track: set "midi to" to the correct midi channel that controls the Microbrute. (Make sure the Microbrute is set up correctly to receive midi on that channel)

    - load an empty audio track: set the "audio from" box to external input and select the channel that receives the audio from the Microbrute.

    - make a midi clip in the midi channel and draw in some notes. play the clip: the output op those notes should be visible in the track. If you did this all correctly, you can hear the notes being played on the Microbrute in your audio channel.

    So now, you are sending midi to the Microbrute. At the same time you can record the incoming sound on the separate audio track by slot recording or recording in the arrangement.

    If you also want to use the synth as a midi controller, it will have to send midi back to Live. If I'm not mistaken the Microbrute has a usb connector for midi signals. So you should be able to select that inside Live. It probably also means that you should be able to send midi signals to Live without having to use midi cables.

    Hope this helps you on your way.



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  • Onef
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    add an important thing:

    "What I want is to make loops in abletons piano roll and send that midi to my brute and record that loop( knob tweaking im doing while its playing )."

    this is not possible through MIDI link (either MIDI or USB) as the knobs & sliders on MicroBrute are all analog and they don't send MIDI info!!!

    the only choice you have to record the tweaks is to follow what Near Earth Object says...

    1. Midi Track with ext.instrument 

    2. Audio track with "audio from" Microbrute (from soundcard)



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