How to set up CC 11 continuous pedal as a sustain pedal for piano in Ableton?


I have Roland A800-PRO midi controller and a Roland DP-10 continuous sustain pedal.  I use the GRAND PIANO PACK in Ableton to play piano.

I can use the pedal as CC 64 with a sustain ON/OFF message fine when I connect it to the SUSTAIN JACK INPUT on my keyboard, but it is annoying that it either ON/OFF, therefore I want to use it more of like a real continuous piano pedal.

How can I configure the GRAND PIANO PACK in Ableton to use CC 11 message as a sustain control? I was successful in doing this in another piano software (Pianoteq), where i plug in the pedal into the EXPRESSION SLOT in my Roland keyboard and use CC 11 as a continuous sustain control, but I don't see how I can configure this in Ableton.

Any help on that?

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p3h 2 years ago | 0 comments

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