How to set two buttons to increase and decrease BPM, +1/-1?

I saw this on ipod script but i dont know how to set on other midi/usb controllers.


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    You could have a look at SelectedTrackControl – it actually adds keyboard shortcuts to Live (OS X only), but it is based on a MIDI Remote Script (so for Windows too), which has a default mapping for MIDI CC 86 to increase/decrease tempo. You need to set your buttons to send MIDI CCs though – depending on how flexible you controller is, it should be possible (I have an AKAI LPD8 which can do that). To increase the tempo, send MIDI CC 86 with a value of 1. To decrease the tempo, send MIDI CC 86 with a value of 127 (which is basically -1 in relative-two-complement). Of course you have to install SelectedTrackControl as a control surface for our MIDI-controller to make it work.

    MIDI Remote Script is here:

    Documentation of MIDI implementation:

    P.S.: If you have no luck configuring your buttons to send MIDI CC, I might add increase/decrease tempo through note-events to STC.

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