How to set new 1.1.1 in arrangement

I am working on a tune that has an out of time anacrusis, that leads into my first down beat. So I effectively want to set 1.1.1 of the arrangement to start where that beat drops (after the anacrusis), so that everything can be beat aligned after that. Is it possible to effectively set a new 1.1.1 for the entire arrangement, from an arbitrary position?


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    Not exactly the way you describe, i think.

    Ways to work around it;

    - select everything before your desired starting point and use the "delete time" function; this will, however, delete everything before the start point.

    - move the whole track to the right to make it start from the beat you describe. 

    - You can use markers (even saved in a template) and add text. 

    - Or insert a marker, select it, then right click and choose the "song start" option.

    Is that useful for you? 

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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