How to set Ableton's Grid for Trap music

Can someone tell me how to make Trap
in Ableton's Piano Roll the way
the way they do it in Reason & FL Studio ?
How do you do Snare stutters, Snare Rolls,
& Hi Hat Rolls ? How do you for example
when you draw a row of 1/16th's select certain
sections & put in 1/32nd & 1/64th notes/
Then slice these notes these notes like they do
It in FL Studio. How do you change the grid
to 1/3rd to make Snare stutters & Hi Hat stutters
? I just started making music and I want to make
a track like Rihanna's Better Have My Money
& DJ Khaled's How many Times .
Can someone help me out ?

Thank you!


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  • blear
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    The piano roll has a context-sensitive menu that you access by right-clicking in the piano roll, which allows you to change it's beat divisions.  It also has a handy key shortcut, Command-3 (Mac), to switch between "straight" time and triplet time.
    Using the context-sensitive menu, set the division to 1/16, write in your notes as you like.  Then, shift to 1/32, and put in your 32nd notes.  For 1/64th notes, you will have to manually change an existing note by selecting it and then clicking your mouse on either end of the note when the cursor changes to a square bracket indicating you can resize the note, and dragging either end of it left or right to shorten it.
    One thing that is handy is to select multiple notes and then you can drag the group of them left or right to shorten them.
    So, if you want, say, three notes of any length where there was one, you can select the note on the right side, drag it left so it is 1/3 as big as it was, then hit the duplicate key, Command-D (Mac), three times.
    Once you get the hang of shifting beat divisions, changing in and out of triplet feel, and the duplicate key, I think you should be able to become pretty proficient with entering notes quickly.
    The musician and teacher "Mr. Bill" has a video on editing quickly in the piano roll that might help, which is not showing up no matter how many times I paste the link (, but google for "Mr Bill - Speed MIDI Editing in Ableton Live" and you'll find it (link hint: https: watch?v=2oAX5YxWZug).
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  • Don Real
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    If you own Push 2, you can use the note repeat button then overdub at a faster speed. That is what I have found doing my research on YT. 

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Sorry, but what you are asking here has everything to do with knowledge and practice, and not that much with using Ableton.

    If you just started making music, you will have to understand that it takes a lot of time and practice to get the level you want.
    It is not a matter of just asking someone else how to make a certain style.

    But to get you started: read the manual, and look for tutorials on youtube.
    Then try it yourself and try to get better at it by practising.

    If you just want to get a quick result without doing your homework, i really think you should find a different hobby....

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