How to send MIDI data over multiple channel to a VST plugin ?

I use a VST plugin (GPO5) that deals with multiple MIDI channels. I use it with a MIDI keyboard on which I can select the MIDI channel on which I send the data.

In the VST plugin I set different instruments on different channels (one instr. per channel), and I set this plugin on a Live track. But, even if my MIDI keyboard sends data over channel 1, 2, 4 or 7, etc., it always plays the instrument set on the MIDI channel 1. It's like Live can send MIDI data on one channel only: the channel 1, even if it received it from another channel.

In the 'Input Channel' section in the track I can see that Live sees the channel changes. But even if the channel 2 is selected, the MIDI data goes into the VST plugin on channel 1.

I've tested the plugin in standalone, it perfectly handles MIDI channels switching.

How to send MIDI data on channel 2 (for ex.) in a VST plugin?


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  • capnjimbo
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    Can you route the MIDI data from separate MIDI tracks to the track with the VST?
    eg, if GPO5 plugin is on track 1, create a MIDI track on track 2 thus:
    - MIDI from:[your keyboard]
    - Channel:2
    - Monitor:In
    - MIDI to:1-Audio
    - [Unlabelled "Output Channel" dropdown]:2-GPO5
    ..and then repeat for each channel.

    Kinda messy but you can group the MIDI tracks with the audio track afterwards and collapse it so it doesn't take up so much space.

    1 year ago | 1 comment

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