How to send fader update to BCF2000?

Hello. I plugged in my BCF2000 faderbox, and it was immediately available in Ableton Live 9. However, I can't find a way to send fader updates from the Mac to the faderbox, to make the motorized faders follow the software.

Is there an easy way to do this? I messed around in the preferences a bit, but nothing made a difference. I don't need (and really, don't want) a full BCF template for regular Live use, I just want to assign controls by midi learn and make the communication two-way. Btw, I use the BCF in "native" mode, but also tried several other modi.


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    You need to enable Remote (and possibly Track) inputs and outputs for the BCF in your MIDI preferences.  Being on Mac, the BCF's device name will probably be different from mine (Windows), so you'll have to figure that part out yourself.  If it's connected via USB it should be pretty easy, but if it's connected through MIDI then you need to enable Remote ins and outs (I *think* it's just Remote) for your MIDI interface instead.

    I've been using my BCF in MCU emulation mode for a while, so I thinking way back to remember this.

    Be warned, though.  The BCF faders are very jittery and noisy when following slow, fine envelope slopes.  It will likely annoy the crap out of you quickly.

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