How to send audio from midi to an audio track without outputting to the group/ master?

I'm trying to set up a feedback loop in ableton in order to create some interesting bass sounds which works fine when using a return track.


Using return tracks, you turn up the send volume and then select audio to sends only.  You then create a secondary audio track which takes the audio from the return track and then outputs it back to the return track.  You then select sends only for that track as well.

I want to combine this with another clean bass sound and then compress it etc., however one can't group a return track, so I tried setting up the feedback loop with an audio track instead of a return track, however now there is no option to send the audio to the audio track without simultaneously outputting to the group (if you set the output type to "audio", or whatever the track is called, it still outputs volume to the group).  I could set the two tracks to sends only without sending it anywhere, but then I can't solo the group, as it causes the sends only tracks to stop producing sound.


It's hard for me to explain this, and I understand that it must be hard for anyone to interpret what's going on, so please ask some questions.  Basically, I can't seem to output the sound from one track to another without the original track also outputting sound itself.

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