How to route MIDI notes to Ableton from Maschine plug-in?

Below I have provided a few links to help you viewers understand what my current dilemma is. The first link is the most current video of Maschine MIDI routing into Ableton from YouTube. Whilst the other two links are zipped folders containing a screen capture of my methods used to route MIDI from Maschine to Ableton, as well as screen shots of my audio/MIDI settings & Preferences. I draw your attention to the video from YouTube specifically the section about "MIDI & Audio from" drop down options. You will notice that the video's options do not quite reflect those available to me in my DAW & are slightly different when it comes to the External Instrument MIDI/Audio options. For example, in the MIDI from drop down tab where "Pre FX" & "Post FX" can be selected there should also be a third underlining option for Maschine. However, this is not the case & is not available at all. This is where I believe the problem lies. You will also take notice that my MIDI indicator does not register whenever the pads are pressed. I may or may not be overlooking a key configuration that is why I provided screen shots of my settings & preferences. Ultimately, I am trying to use Maschine as a .vst plug-in and have Ableton receive Maschine's MIDI data so that I can record MIDI clips into Ableton. However, with this new Ableton update I am thrown a curveball and at a  loss. I have watched countless videos and have read many forums trying to figure out a solution, but left only with more questions rather than answers. A bit of background to help you understand the exact equipment I am working with, I am using a Mac operating OS x El Capitan running Ableton Live Standard 9.6.2 & my external beat pad is the Maschine Mikro 2.0 equipped the latest version in software available to the device. I am new to Ableton & my experience is slim to none so please bare with me if I misuse terminology or do not fully understand your replies and seek clarification. I appreciate any assistance you may have in helping me achieve what it is I am trying to accomplish. If you need any further clarification please feel free to reply back.
Mahalo Nui Loa, 
Orion Adamson


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  • Near Earth Object
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    The fact that you cannot choose "Maschine" as an input seems to be the problem. I only see pre and post, but there should be the option to choose Maschine. So the first thing I would try is to re-install Maschine and make sure you also install the correct driver files. 

    You seem to be doing the rest correct, so that is the only thing that could be wrong, as you already noticed yourself. So try a re-install first :)

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  • Cyke
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    I have the same problem, haven't figured it out yet either.

    These video's look promising, haven't watched them al yet ...


    EDIT: the last one has a different approach, but seems to do the trick

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  • The Light Box Hero
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    Using the VST version allowed for me to send MIDI from Masschine to a MIDI track in my DAW. Note mode on Maschine jam was what I was after.

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