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Dear users,

I own Ableton Live 9 Lite.

The problem is that I created a piece in the program and I would like to reverse the Nylon Concert Guitar sound from Sample, but I don't find how.

Going through different youtube tutorials I learned how to reverse the sound itself (go to the Samples, then choosing Rev... But it doesn't save that sound, so I cannot apply it in my song).

Moreover, in the videos all the instructors have a different appearance of the tracks (they have long lines with frequencies). But me - I have that view where I are only blocks/bricks and I cannot change it.

Could you please explain?

Thanks a lot!


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  • hilker
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    I'm not sure if the blocks/bricks vs. long lines with frequencies you refer to are Session View vs. Arrangement View or MIDI clips vs. Audio clips.

    To switch between Session and Arrangement views, press the Tab key.

    To convert a MIDI track to audio, ctrl-click/right-click on the track and choose Freeze Track, then ctrl-click/right-click on the track again and choose Flatten. Once this is done, you can reverse the audio by pressing the Rev. button in the clip's Sample Box.

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