HOW TO RESOLVE Latency problems?

im just a beginner in this recording stuff. my problem is whenever i try to record my guitar riff using Ableton, there is a significant time delay(500-1000ms- DPC latency checker) and its quite annoying. im running on a DELL Laptop (core i3 with 6 GB RAM) and im using my M-Audio Pro Keys Sono 61 as my controller and audio interface. any tips? Thanks?


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    id like an answer for this also

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    You can adjust the sample rate in LIve 's prefereces/Audio to make up for some of the latency but not for the 500-1000ms of course.

    Also- There are some known issues with your M-audio hardware - as you can also read here:

    Download the latest ASIO drivers for your hardware - if this isn't working contact M-audio for support.


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