How to reset a macro encoder to its default position with a control surface?

I've seen this question asked hundreds of times on various forums over the years with no real solutions. Hoping someone can chime in!

I have the encoders of my control surface mapped to the macro knobs of a selected ("blue hand") device. What I need is for a push of these encoders (which send out a separate MIDI message) to reset the encoder position to its default. I.e., move Encoder 1, it moves Macro 1. Push Encoder 1, Macro 1 returns to the default.

There are solutions which involve specific MIDI mapping or dummy clips, but this only works on specific devices, and I need "blue hand" functionality. Other solutions involve access to the laptop, which I won't have.

I've tried using MIDIStoke to send out a "delete" press, which would set an encoder to its default, but can't figure out how to select the encoder first.

I've got Max For Live and have dove into a few Python scripts to try to reverse-engineer a solution, but the scripting is over my head at the moment.

Appreciate any info!


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    Looking for the same problem for years 

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