how to record what i make on my synthstation 49 into ableton

I would like to record my work made on the synthstation 49 with ipad into a midi channel on ableton. i got the synth linked into my mackie onyx and that linked to my iMac. But the midi channel i load the sounds in on ableton shows a meter but says midi to ; No Output and cant select Master in the list. i got it to work once by accident , and then started a new file and it didnt work any more. Please does anyone know what im doing wrong.


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    First, i would recommend reading the manual. Especially the part about external instruments.
    But to get you going:
    You want to record audio from an external instrument, right? Then you need an audio track instead of a midi track!

    To send midi messages/notes to your instrument, you need a midi track. Set it to "midi to" and select the correct channels.
    To receive audio, you need an audio track too, set this to "ext. In" and select the correct audio channels.

    There is also a device in Live that's called "external instrument". Load this into a midi track, and it combines audio and midi into one channel.
    In other words: from this device you send midi to your synth, and receive the audio that comes back. You can also set the delay/latency in this device.

    But like I said earlier: this is all in the Live manual. Good luck.

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