How to record multiple clips without mouse or stopping playback

Here is an explanation of what I want to do:
Let´s assume I have two tracks. Track 1 has a clip which I want to play back continuously while recording multiple(!) clips on the second track. This can be achieved using a mouse easily: Once a clip on track 2 was recorded, just click the record button in an empty clip slot of the same track to start recording there (create new scene if needed).
I would like to achieve this in a comfortable way with MIDI mappings (with an Axiom 49). Here is what the ideal solution imho would look like:
1. Select scene to start with
2. Record a clip
3. Trigger "Prepare New Scene" button
4. Trigger clip recording to the empty clip
1-3 work perfectly fine already. However, clicking "Prepare New Scene" does not trigger recording in the empty clip automatically (imho it should do that). So I have to trigger the recording. So far, I could only come up with a half-baked solution: Via MIDI mapping the "Play" button of a track can be assigned. This then does the trick, but this is per track, so I need to reassign it when switching the track or have to map many buttons for this. I cannot use the "Play Scene" button, because I want to keep playing the clip of scene 1 on track 1 (I just realized I could remove the stop buttons from track 1 before starting this whole procedure and then use the "Play Scene" button I guess. Still not ideal though, especially as this require to setup the needed scenes in advance).
So, is there a more general action/button I could trigger via MIDI to start recording into currently selected clips of armed tracks?


nulltausend 3 years ago | 0 comments

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