How to record audio clip envelope automation with midi controller

I really can't get this to work, don't know what I'm doin' wrong.

What I do:


- MIDI learn an audio clip / sample parameter like 'transposition' 

- change the parameter with the controller live (that works)

- arm the track, arm automation record and session record

- play the clip to try to record the live changes I make to the clip 'transposition' parameter, in order to obtain a clip automation envelope of these changes 


Unfortunately, the changes aren't recorded and so don't show up in the envelope editor.

I can only edit them manually. Seems that Ableton doesn't make a connection between the midi learned parameter and the envelope editor...

I'm also confused about how these parameter changes get recorded in the arrangement view. Looks like ableton cuts everything into small, somewhat quantized clips instead of recording the clip's parameter changes into an easy to edit automation envelope / lane.


What's wrong?

I'm using Live 9.7 on Mac Os El Capitan, Edirol PCR800 midi keyboard...





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    Make sure you have the automation button activated. At the top: square button with two small connected circles in it. If you can move a parameter after mapping, you can record it, simple as that. But this button needs to be on. For arrangement, all you have to do is activate the record button, start play and tweak the controller. The track recording automation will then turn red.
    In session: you also need to activate the session record button: the button with a circle in it that is next to the other transport buttons. Turn that on and play a clip, then tweak the knob mapped to the desired clip automation. Have a look at the manual for the exact details.

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