How to record a complete performance including live audio

The Live manual said the best way to do this was to resample the master output to an audio track so I set this up as an experiment, arming the channel then selecting the round record button in a clip in that track. But as soon as I changed to another scene, that clip stopped recording because it was not in that scene. And it doesn't appear that live audio is captured in the arrangement view so that doesn't work. It's so easy in Main Stage I've done it by accident! Any ideas?


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  • SonirRider
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    Hi, I was surfing the web dealing with a sort of similar issue and found a real good solution where the whole recording is done in one clip by removing the record knob from all other clips in the "resample"; see

    Hope this helps.

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  • genjutsushi
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    If you're worried about changing clip stopping recording from the master, then arm recording in Arrangement view, press record, then switch back to the session view for your performance. Works great


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  • Near Earth Object
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    If you mean recording a liveset and real time playing of instruments, all you have to do is; set up audio tracks for every incoming instrument, set the input to the corresponding channel of that instrument, and arm the track.

    Aftre all that is done, click the record button, start playing the liveset, and let the other instruments play along. After you've recorded the entire set, you can edit it and render it to audio.

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