How to programme a jungle break over a techno (4/4) beat

I'm still fairly new to Ableton but this is definitely something I want to nip in the bud quite quickly as it's one of my favourite production techniques - I'd like to know how it's possible to programme a jungle break over a 4/4 beat that is around 120bpm. I have a load of jungle break samples but the problem is: when I initially put the audio in to the 120bpm beat it changes the tempo to around 84, because this is the tempo of the break. So I go in to preferences and turn on 'Auto Warp Long Samples' - this changes the tempo of the break to 120bpm but in doing so it loses all of its swing and rhythm and doesn't sound right at all.
The sort of thing I want to achieve is similar to the beginning of Pearson Sound - Footloose:

- Hope this makes some kind of sense and it's impossible, any help would be great thanks! 


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    Auto-warp can be overly aggressive in adding unnecessary warp markers, which can throw off the swing and timing. Try setting just one warp marker per bar, for instance on the downbeat of each bar, and deleting any others.

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