How to play Several sets after eachother without a long wait to upload the next set each time?


example: I have a few sets (songs) made and want to play them live but i need to close one set, open another.
I could put some sound from a synth between every song or even a tape but its stressing and sometimes it take allot of time to upload a set...
does somebody have the same problem or issue? and did you have any tips or sollution?



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  • aurochs
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    You will need to put all of the tracks from your various sets into a single Live set for performance without loading delays. If you have lots of VSTs and processor-intensive effects this means you will rapidly run up against the limits of your processor/memory. What you will need to do is to decide which tracks you are going to play live and which are going to be pre-recorded clips to be triggered as part of your live performance. For the latter you'll need to freeze and flatten to reduce CPU load. There are lots of different ways people approach this, and it really depends on what kind of music you perform, and what you want to get out of your live performance.

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