How to play continuously the APC40 between 2 diferent songs?

My question is related with the issue of live performance without waiting that Live uploads de new set to be played, is it's possible to play one set and while finishing the set or song upload de new one without stop LIve from playing, If anyone can help thank   a lot.

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AlfredoNeves 6 years ago | 0 comments

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    If you mean switching from one project to another one? No, you can't. The only way would be to use 2 laptops with Live and connect them to a dj-mixer. One laptop to channel 1, the other to channel 2, and use the faders like you would in a normal dj mix.

    You could also turn several different projects into audio-parts, and load more several projects into one. You can then just move on from one track to the next without stopping.


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