How to move sample folders without breaking linkages?

With the new browser in Live 9 I've been trying to clean up and organize my sample library and I'm having some major issues moving certain folders around without breaking the linkages with the associated instruments/clips. I know Live is indexing the folders after they are moved as I see the little status wheel spinning, and, more importantly, all the folders are being moved within my User Library (on the same hard drive no less) so it's not as if I'm moving them outside the browser or to a different computer. This occurs even when I drag the folders around directly within Live's browser itself.

Even more strange is that it doesn't break the linkage consistently. For instance, if I move 5 folders 3 will be fine and 2 will have issues. More frustratingly, if I manage the user files and point the auto search to the new location I generally just get a list of candidates, the files are usually not replaced automatically. This happens even with files created by "official" Ableton Packs. Is there a reason this might be happening? I'm not moving them to a new computer nor am I opening them or modifying them in any way during the move, I'm simply dragging the folders to new subfolders within the User Library. Is there an official, recognized way to move sample folders around while still retaining linkages? 


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  • Near Earth Object
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    Not sure about the 'rules' for that, but what does solve the problem is this:
    I always use the 'collect all and save' function, to make sure that Live collects all the samples i used from my sample banks.
    Sure, this takes up a bit more space, but eliminates the chance of losing the path to your samples.
    Another good thing about this method is, that you make all your projects self-contained. In other words: every part that is used in a project can be found in that same project folder. So even if you accidentally delete or misplace your samplebanks, the project folder will still be complete.

    You can choose to leave the Ableton library files where they are, because usually that is installed in a fixed location, and won't be moved.

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  • towers of silence
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    Thanks for the suggestion- I often use the "collect & save" process when I'm working on a specific project, but my typical situation is a little different and that isn't really the best solution for my issue.

    I own a decent amount of hardware, and when the creative juices aren't really flowing I tend to spend my time doing random bits of sound design for use in later projects, so in my most common sampling scenario I actually don't have a specific project to save everything to, beside the library itself. The issue being that I've been using Live since version 4 and the more rigid file structure of the previous versions meant that I threw any sense of organization out the window and just rolled with whatever I was given when I installed a random 3rd party Live pack or whenever I was doing my own sampling, so my Sample library is, by now, a huge mess. 

    But now that I actually (errr, theoretically) can move things around and organize them, I'd like to be able to , and the fact that I can't get consistent results when I move files around makes this difficult. This isn't life or death- I can keep working with the things the way have been but it seems like there must be some solution- if the browser indexes the files and I'm just moving them within the User Library itself, why can't they retain the proper linkages?

    This wouldn't be as much of an issue but I do a lot of microsound DSP mangling and I tend to reference the same source material a lot, so I'd love to be able to move my modular samples, for instance, to a central folder and add that to my sidebar without having to go back and manually replace the linkages with my existing instruments and presets. The alternative of adding all the individual sample folders to the sidebar isn't much better- in that case I should just leave my existing mess of a Samples folder and use the search function.... There must be a way to move things within the Library without breaking everything


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  • Soundtrackband
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    I hope I can create folders within Ableton's sample library, because I've got so many items in there, I need and want to brreak them up into folders to make things easier on myself.

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