How can I move certain samples out of Live's Library without breaking linkage with instruments

I have a large collection of Ableton Partner Instruments and Puremagnetik Live Packs, and the Samples folder in my Library is becoming bloated and is now taking up too much space. I need to move some of the samples to an external hard drive (where I keep my other samples for Kontakt, etc.), but I need to be able to keep the linkages between the samples and the instruments they are used within. I have tried doing this using Live's browser, dragging the files to my external drive but the linkages still break and the instruments show the "samples missing" error message. 

Live's search and replace feature is crazy slow, even when I point it to the proper folder. Likewise it always gives me Candidates instead of automatically replacing the files, so I end up having to manually replace the samples. Given that I have 30GB of samples that I want to move this isn't an option for me, it would take far too long. We're talking weeks, here, not simply an afternoon. I need to find a way to move the folder(s) and retain the proper linkages.

This is for my laptop as well, so moving Live's entire library to an external drive is not a viable option either. I need it to stay on my system disc for live performances when I don't need or want my larger sample libraries with me. 

Any suggestions are welcome


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    You could go through your live sets and save them with "Collect all and save".

    Copying the library and telling Live where it is in Preferences might work.

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