How to midi map volume for slices within a drum rack preset?

Hi people,

I am new to Live and loving it! Mainly how user friendly and vastly more Logical it is, compared to the previous program I was using ;)

The context of my question is this: I have two seperate midi contollers with 8 motorized faders each. One is an old Logic Control (same thing as a Mackie Control or an MCU); the other is a BCF-2000.

I was hoping I could use the Logic Control faders as the main mixing desk; and use the BCF-2000 faders to control the volume of slices that I chop into a preset 'mpc' style drum rack. (And also to use the 8 knobs to control the transpose of each slice).

My question is, is this possible to do, without having to midimap each individual slice's volume to the BCF, everytime I chop up a new set of drums? I.e. to be able to chop up some drums, throw them in my 'MPC style' drumrack preset, and have the first fader automatically assigned to the volume of the first slice, and so on?

At this stage I am having to midimap each individual slice, after I chop it. But if there were an easier way that would be fantastic. 

My hunch is that this is entirely possible, and my rookie self is missing something very obvious.

Any help is much appreciated.

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PurpleTape 2 years ago | 0 comments

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