How to map VST parms to control surface

I'm new to Live, so I apologize if this is documented or straightforward.

I have VSTs which present to Live their parameters. I can see them and get as far as clicking configure. and all the parms turn green.

What I need to know is how to associate one (or more) of those parms with a slider/rotary on my roland a-500pro....

Is there a tutorial that I somehow missed on youtube or a section of the manual/help which talks about control surfaces and mapping vst parameters to the control surface.

Thanks in advance.

Phil Kemp



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    Yes, it is called the manual :-)  

    But to help you on your way. There are several things you have to do.

    1)  open preferences and make sure your controller is set up as a midi controller.

    2)  load the vst onto a track, open the parameters (click triangle button).

    3)  click on "configure" (in Live's plugin interface) and add the parameters of the vst you want to control by selecting/clicking the buttons on the vst's own interface.

    Some vst's already have many parameters recognised automatically.

    4) click on the MIDI button at the top right of your screen. Now you can click on any of the parameters in the parameter-interface in the track. Once you click it, you can move a knob on your controller to map it to that same parameter. You can do this for any parameter that is there.

    5) when you are done, turn the MIDI button off again and all selected parameters should be controlled by your controller knobs.


    To be sure you don't have to re-map those buttons for every new project, you can embed the vst in an instrument rack and map all the parameters to the macro buttons. This way Live will always recognise the mapping.

    Hope this helps! But I really think you should read the manual or search for "midi mapping" tutorials. That is all the info you need. 



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