How to map parameter controls to different devices

I am using an Axiom 61 to play midi instruments, using different channels for each instrument.

I want to map the 8 instrument parameters to the 8 slides controls on the keyboard, using the same controls for each instrument. I only want the slide controls to adjust the parameters of the channel I am using at any one time, without affecting the parameters of instruments in other channels.

However, when I map the parameters to the control knobs on the keyboard, regardless of which channel I'm using, the parameters will change for both instruments, rather than just the one I am using.

How can I assign different parameters (from different instruments) to the same knob, but going through different channels?

I hope this is clear!



Vince1977 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Bikkel
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    so you've set it up as midi from: axiom channel 1 / axiom channel 2 eyc, you set your controller to send midi on only when channel but it affects multiple channels?

    Weird. when i set up my novation i can set all tracks on different channels and tweaking a knob only affects the corresponding channel. if you've set it up like i asked i guess you should check your axiom manual

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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