How to map MIDI to basic DAW behaviour?

Many MIDI controllers have preset behaviour to adjust track volumes, pans, and multiple sends etc. that work on 8 or more tracks. A set might only start with 4 tracks and 2 sends and these can get deleted, added and rearranged but the control stays fixed and works on new tracks.

I know how to map active controls but how do I target these persistent controls and save them as a template for future sets?


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  • Transcultur
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    There are a few ways to accomplish this .
    You could use your own remote scripts , which requires a bit of time . Or you could search for the specific controler if someone made any already .

    Its very usefull for workflow indeed.
    An easy simple solution , would be to start a new project -> map all the parameters you want > then save set as template. But then is a static mapping and you want something dynamic .

    If you can't do with controller scripts you could try kapture maybe to see if it saves also midi mappings :

    A good start :

    A deep look and DIY :

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  • Octopolis
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    Great, thanks for setting me on the right path. I think creating my own "remote script" might be the way to go but I am new to this so I'll have to see what's possible.

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