How to make special synth sound?

OK so, in a lot of songs I hear there's this reversed-sounding synth. Here is an example (skip to 0:55) --> hXXttps:// (remove the capital X's for some reason the link doesn't show when I post it) how would I make something like that? I have looked online for DAYS and have come up with nothing and I asked the guy who made that song and he didn't tell me... Any ideas?


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    The 'whoosh' hissy sound ? If so, just make a white noise sound though operator, then sweep/automate the low-cut up to make the rising sound, and add a touch of reverb. Here's a video:


    (if the video doesn't appear and you're using Chrome, click the 'Load Unsafe Script' symbol that appears on the right of the web address bar)

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