How to make melody volume decrease on every drum beat?

Many songs use this, and I think there is a technical word for this, just dunno what it is. Basically I need the track volume to decrease on every beat of a drum from a separate drum rack. If you could tell me what this is called that would also be helpful. Thanks


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  • hilker
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    Live has a built-in lesson about how to create this effect. To view it, open Live, then click the Help menu and choose Help View. Scroll down and click on the "Show all built-in lessons" link. Look in the Live Advanced section, the lesson is called Compression and Sidechaining.

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  • passionmax
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    It is called side chain compression. You use the kick to control a compressor on the melody track so every time the kick hits the music will duck until the kick is released. A easy way of doing it is using waves one pumper knob plugin . If you own that

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