How to lock two control surfaces to the same horizontal focus

I am using an apc-40 and a launchpad with their default mappings... I have the apc controlling clips fired from tracks 1-8 and the launchpad controlling clips on tracks 9-16.... My way of navigating to my next song (when I didn't have the launchpad) was to press the shift- down on the bank select of the APC. This then gives me the five new scenes of my next song.. however now the launchpad is stuck on the old focus so I have to press the down arrow 8 times in order to get to the equivilant place on those tracks... 

Does anyone have any ideas about how to keep these focuses in sync so I dont have to press all these buttons ? 


Thanks in advance :) 


audiosophy 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • jestermgee
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    Nope, they are independant BUT if you hold the SESSION button on the LP (I think) it will display a pads that allow you to jump focus on the LP by "pages" instead of having to hit the down arrow 8 times. 

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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