How to keep the midi note ringing after you turn off the Ubiquitous Plug in.

I'm trying to perform with a midi sound loaded in Live 9.  (on a mac).  I want to be able to play a note and press down my "hold" pedal and then, while the note is ringing out turn on the ubiquitous plug and then move the rate control around.  I'm able to do all that, but when I'm done and I turn off the Ubiquitous plug in (with the device activator button on the top of the plug in) the midi note is turned off.  I want the note to stay on.  Its not actually turing off because if I turn Ubiquitous back on, the note starts to sound again.  So, again,  what I want is for the note to stay on after turn the plug in off.  How do I do this?


Burr Johnson

Midi guitarist

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Burrboe 2 years ago | 0 comments

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