How to important and slice a song

Hey all,


I'm new to Ableton, and i love it so far. I have the Lite 8 that came with my Scarlett interface. How best to import a song and slice it up? I also have the m-audio keyrig49.

I appreciate any thoughts and help.


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  • Funk N. Furter
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    Here's a 2 minute video I made on how to warp a track and chop a loop out of it. You use the same principle to chop a track up. The edits are all nondestructive, you can make a chopped out piece longer as long as you havent cropped it. You can also join bits together with Consolidate.

    See the rest of my site for more tips. Have a look at User Remote Scripts in Hardware some time for how to make the most of your Keyrig. See the Absolute beginners section in Tutorials first though, the remote scripts will be too advanced for you at the moment. 



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