How to import stereo L&R tracks to one stereo track, not 2 mono

Dragging wav file stems from a pro tools session.

the stereo L&R tracks lay out one after the other on same track instead of becoming a combined stereo track.

Searched high and low. found no answers yet. Help.

Also, all mono files appear to be stereo w L&R meters on each track. Are they still mono technically?


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    If the original files were mono, they still are mono when you load them.

    About the L & R tracks; Live does not combine those automatically. Some options; load both L & R into separate channels, then group the channels; now you have a single channel with two separate tracks inside.

    If you want to permanently combine them, you will have to export the L&R group as a new file, then load it back into Live.

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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