How to I get the Softube Modular Synth plugin to install/work in Ableton 9 Lite?

I downloaded the 20 day free trial of the modular synthesizer plugin from Softube. I installed the gobbler application and installed the devices. The instructions say that you have to have the Gobbler app open and then open up you DAW and it should asked to authorize your stuff. But that didn't happen. So I set the VST plugins custom folder to the folder the program installed to, (VST3 Plugins folder in my documents). But there is only a folder labeled Softube in it with all the stuff inside. From my experience .dll is the only vst that seems to load in Ableton and all of the files were something called .vstpreset. There is absolutely nothing about this online. I have checked every help page and all they tell me is the same thing or just how to open a plugin or change the folder location. Is it because I have Ableton Lite?? Because that needs to be made more clear on the website. All help is appreciated.


Ninja_walrus85 8 months ago | 0 comments

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