How to i get my arrangement into session mode for playing live?



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    1. Split Your Tracks: If you intend to split your tracks into different clips, go ahead and do this in arrangement view using the "Split" function (CMD + E or CTRL + E). If you are just wanting to put each individual track into a clip you can skip this step.
    2. Copy The Split Tracks: Select all of your newly split tracks in arrangement view so that they are all highlighted in yellow. Once you've done this copy them using (CMD + C or CTRL + C)
    3. Paste into Session View: At this point - you'll just need to flip over to Session View and paste the clips you copied in the previous step using (CMD + V or CTRL + V). That should do it!

    *As an alternative to copying and pasting the tracks you can also click and drag them into session view by highlighting the tracks, clicking and holding down your mouse as you hit the "Tab" key. 


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    1.Record all your tracks in arrangement view  into six new audio tracks.Send like instruments to each of the new audio tracks ie bass sounds to 1 drums to 2 percussion to 3 etc. 

    2.Copy and paste the six tracks into a new arrangement

    3.Cut the tracks into their relative sections ie intro , break , main outro etc.Copy and paste them into session view or drag and drop them there.

    4.Do this  for all your songs and keep pasting them in a diagonal fashion down and to the right in session view 

    5.This way you have a mega set with all your songs and you can then mix and match bits from each song as you like. go 1 step further you can route the clip channels to other channels with fx etc so you can embellish them even further.

    7.Cool go off

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