How to get the Pitch Transpose plug in to transpose a ringing midi note

While performing with a sound loaded in Live 9,  I want to be able to hold a note and then use the pitch transposition plug in to move the note up an octave while its ringing.  but the pitch transposition plug in will only transpose the note after a new note is played (it wont change the note that is currently ringing.  Not until you play a new note will it go up the octave.)
How can I get the note that is being held to go up an octave.  I want the transposition to happen to the held note


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    The MIDI pitch transposition effect, while useful, is simple, and I think they designed it to be intentionally so.  In particular, they may have been concerned about sounds that have a percussive attack, which might be disconcerting in some situations if they were to be replayed when the pitch control changed.

    I found the Ableton MIDI pitch transposition effect to be insufficient for my purposes, so I wrote an alternative using MaxForLive.  I call it "TransposerRT," and it's actually a pair of devices that work together to give a robust pitch transpose functionality.  They're freely available for download from ; go there and enter TransposerRT into the search box to find them (you must download BOTH devices for either to be of any use).

    Rather than spend a lot of time explaining TransposerRT, I'll just provide the Youtube tutorial video I made.  If you want to see it in action to get an idea of whether it's right for you, jump to 3:30 in the video.  Also, you'll want to check out 12:10, where I demonstrate the control that allows pitch transpositions to change the pitches of notes that are currently playing.


    Hope this is useful.

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