How to get rid of unwanted tempo changes

Somehow, I've introduced a measure or two of tempo changes into a song. I don't know what I did to get there, and I don't know how to get rid of them and return the whole song to "normal" tempo.


I have four tracks of audio (guitars, vocal) and one MIDI drum track. I've been experimenting with warping to sync (fix) the guitars to the drum beat. However, I've now turned warping off on all the audio tracks. However, in one section of the song the tempo (including the drum) still speeds up and then slows down. I notice that in this section of the song there are tiny red tick marks under the Master track.

I'd like to learn what I did to cause this, and how I can return to a default setting. My solution is the short term was to open a new set, copy the audio tracks to it and recreate the MIDI. It was a successful, but painful, workaround.

I was unable to find an answer in the manual, although I probably just didn't know what to search for.


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  • mcbpete
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    Go to session view, find the master track (should be right at the bottom), and click the > triangle so the track 'opens up' to reveal the automation curves. Choose Mixer on the first drop down box (may well be already selected) and Song Tempo on the drop down box under that. Now right click on the 'Master' box and click 'Clear Envelope'. This will remove all the automated tempo change information from your song.

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  • MidiFinger
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    Thank you mbcpete.

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