How to get rid of dropouts in a large live set on good hardware?


I am having a lot of trouble with audio dropouts on a large live set.  I've got about 150 tracks, all audio, none in ram, and not a lot of effects going on.  Played back on a Macbook Pro 2008 with all files coming from an SSD.  The disk overload light never goes on, and CPU is routinely at about 6-13%.

I'm using an 828 for audio over firewire with the buffer maxed.

When I'm running through my set, everything is fine for the first 45 minutes or so.  But at some point whenever I trigger a new scene, I get these lags that occur at the transition.  Sometimes it's not too bad, but at other times the same lag will occur even after looping the clip.  It sounds horrible.

I found the thread here: which suggests to split the large live set into two.  I'm wondering if anyone has figured out another way to solve this problem without splitting up the live set?  

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    Though you're using an SSD, it still may be helpful to put as much of your set into RAM, as is possible.  

    For Macs, there is a great app called iRAMDisk, which will automatically put your User Caches folders into RAM.  This would include your Ableton Decoding Cache, unless you've changed your Preferences in Live.

    Here's a link to another thread I answered with a similar answer:

    I hope this helps!


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    I am having the exact same problem...  I just bought a MBP 15 inch 2.3GHz Quad Core i7 and I am experiencing audio dropouts.  I'm using a SSD and I"m hooked up via USB to an Allen & Heath Xone DB2.  It isn't the mixer because the sound bar drops out on Ableton and the echo tail (if going) on the mixer trails on.  

    I ran Ableton on my old White MacBook 13" with the same SSD and it never did this.  Is there a driver issue with the new computers?  I don't want to step on "t"'s toes but i'm thinking that we have a similar / same problem and solution.



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