How to get clips to 'line up'

I purchased a set of mp3 files from When I load them into audio tracks in Session View, the drum and piano tracks do not line up properly; however, if I load them into Audacity they line up just fine. 

Two questions: why might this be happening, and how do I fix it in Ableton Live 8? I am still pretty much a rookie with Ableton so please be as specific as possible!


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  • JDWeir
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     I have a similar problem and the warp function is off for all my clips. I bought .Wavs from a producer to mix but when I load them into individual tracks and play it all together, the instruments don't line up. Don't get me wrong. The instruments are on beat, just not the right beats.

    'Just turn your warp function off.' I hear you saying. 

    But it is off... 

    Years ago I exported a vocal file from ableton to my buddy (on audacity) and it had the same problem. It was on beat, but not the right beat. 


    But when we have that symptom of 'on beat but not the right beat' we know it's a warping problem. 

    Here's the fix though :) 

    Turns out when you import a file to Ableton with the warp function on it doesn't put the files 0:00 time at the start of your song. It puts your files warped 0:00 at the start. When you unwarp, it doesn't move the track for you. 

    Proactive fix is to load tracks into ableton with warp set to off. 

    Retroactive fix is to drag each clip a few beats right, then grab the clips left side and pull it left to find the clips real starting point. 

    Good luck and make some cool music guys and girls

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Has to do with warp settings. In the preferences, you can turn off the fuction 'auto warp long files' and then load all parts again.
    Or you simply turn off the warp setting on every part manually.

    5 years ago | 2 comments

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