How to get a good jazz guitar sound using amp modeling devices?

I can get a pretty decent one with Garage Band, but a good jazz tone has been elusive with Ableton. Does anybody have any recommendations? I know this is a subjective question, but I'm willing to try all suggestions.

I play a Gibson semi-hollow body guitar, primarily through tube amps (Fender Blues Jr. and Princeton). I'd like to recreate that warm tone if possible.


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    As you said its a pretty subjective question or recommendations, since you are managing real instruments with real amps, but i give you my recommendations that hopefully they will turn into a better knowledge of the AMP / CABINET Effects in Ableton.


    As I Mentioned, AMP and Cabinet, present in Live since version 8.2 are great for working together, in fact they were meant to be working fine together, AMP - Cabinet, but, the real question is:  What Kind of Sound do i Need in order to take the best advange of these FX?


    I would definetely recommend the using of the Live Instrument Tension, because its the closer instruments to a guitar you can find in Live wheather you are looking for a clean sound like that or not, if you combine the sound coming from Tension to AMP and Cabinet, you will discover new horizons.


    If Tension is not even close to what you are looking for, please take a look to FM Synthesis with Operator. Take a look into the Presets, and try a couple of Guitars, combined with Amp and Cabinet.


    If you need more instructions i will try to upload a project for you.


    Greetings from Buenos Aires.

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