How to fix a track that is automatically warped into the ground


Making a mix.  Most of my stuff is pretty standard 4:4, 120BPM tech house.  Every now and again I get a track that makes Live vomit.  The default warping for it makes the layout look like a Christmas decoration... well, it has green, but no red.

First of all, I cannot get rid of all the predefined warp markers (unless I quantize, which doesn't help).  I still don't understand why this is so hard.  If I can set 1:1:1 and put the time of the track as well as the BPM in, shouldn't Live be able to handle that?  I pop this into Traktor and voila.

I've tried a few of the warp modes.  THey're all pretty awful.  After the intro, things go pear-shaped.  Oddly enough, they go pear-shaped at an uneven rate... unlike drifting.

Anyway, any help is appreciated.




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    Thanks -- I will mess around with that (and check back for a Youtube clip ;) ).  I did turn warping off, but didn't know any further steps, so that got me now where.  I also set 1.1.1 and did "Warp from here at 120 Bpm" which is the BPM of the project.


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  • Mister_Nem
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    I'll try to make a Youtube video soon explaining the easiest way to do this at some point.  

    But basically u need to turn warping off.  Temporarily change your Ableton project's bpm to match the bpm of the track you want to warp.  Go in to the audio clip, move the start marker to the very first beat.  Right click it.  Choose Set XXX bpm from here (where XXX bpm will be the BPM of your Ableton project).  

    Boom done.  Now you can change the bpm of your Ableton project back to whatever you wanted it to be before we temporarily changed it.

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Or set 1.1.1, right click and choose 'warp from here, straight'

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