How to encode artist and album name for a song upon exporting audio? Thanks

I want to have more than just the song name. Like, who i am, the genre, and what album its on. Thanks!


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  • ShelLuser
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    Not sure what you mean by this; Live doesn't add any information to your audio material since all you're basically exporting is a 'raw' .wav file.

    So if you want more I'd suggest using another program to convert your score to a format which does allow for this, for example an MP3 file, and then add the desired information.


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  • cutwithflourish
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    If you're exporting a wav file, there isn't any way to add much meta data to that.

    Sounds like you want it to include ID3 tag information, like in an MP3 or similar. Most applications that can create MP3s (Live can't do this natively) also allow you to edit the song metadata. If you use iTunes for this it will be fine for adding this info, but you'll need to convert the file to MP3 or AAC first.

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  • shaelter
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    You can edit ID3 tag info if you export to AIFF format

    Software: Metabliss, Sound Forge Pro... 

    Free software:

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