How to do Snare Rolls and High-hat patterns

I'm a new producer trying to dip my production skills in trap. I have the drum patterns set, however i have been having problems making descending and ascending pitched snare rolls. Also, I have not been able to understand how to make different tempoed (fast or slow) high-hat patterns. If anyone could help me with any of these 2 issues, I would greatly appreciate it. 


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    If you are trying to do pitched snare rolls, then a good place to start would be by repeating the snare in 32nd, 64th or 128th intervals for a bar, and playing with the pitch bend control available in midi clips. Another way you can do it is by using the frequency shifter, an audio effect rack, however, this can give you different results depending on how you use it.

    In regard to your patterns, what kinds of patterns are you looking to create?

    I find that the best way to create a pattern that you like is to take a 4 bar clip from a song that it is in, put it in arrangement view, and simply look at the transients and listen to the actual clip to figure out the different layers of the drums. all you have to do after that is create a midi clip just below that which will match it's midi on information with the transients or jumps of the audio clip above it.

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