How to disable the Suite trial

I have Live 8.2.2 but I'm not able to save my reopened songs that have instruments from the 30-day suite trial in them - even when I delete all instances of Operator etc.  How do I re-enable save and delete the Suite instruments?


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  • ShelLuser
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    To my knowledge this isn't possible.

    If you have Live 8 and open a set which has an instrument or preset in it which you don't own then Live will switch to demo mode. This means that its only allowing you to use / change your work but not save it.

    The best way to work this out is to apply for a Suite demo license, then change the sets while using the license and be done with it. OR find someone who own Suite and who is willing to remove these items for you.


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  • vitaminB
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    Not sure what's happened with your setup, but check in the Preferences under User Account/Licenses and see if 'Show all products at startup' is lit up. This will let you choose which version of Live you are starting.

    If that doesn't help and you want to rescue your songs, make a new folder and drag each track (click on the header in session view, or zoom out and select all in arrangement view) into the folder. Make a new project and drag the tracks in one by one, saving as you go until the problem track is reached.

    Worth also noting that you might still be able to Freeze and Flatten the problem track, or record it into a new track to save any audio you created in Operator.

    This isn't a full solution but hopefully helps get you moving past the block until someone gives a better answer!

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