How to disable synchronisation when importing audio file?

I am a complete Ableton newbie (Live 9), please be patient.

I have a set with the tempo 65 bpm and have an instrument recording from another program (also 65 bpm), as audio file. Now when I create an audio track and drag the audio file into the arrangement track Live makes a synchronisation that does not fit (also the beginning of the audio file is clipped for some reason). When I pre-listen to the file in my browser, using the RAW-mode, everything sounds fine.

Has anybody an idea how do deactivate the synchronisation and why the audio file might be clipped?


Kate-Kate 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Kate-Kate
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    Okay, I found it after studying the Ableton vocabulary. "Warp" seems to be the right keyword: double click the sample, use the Sample Box and disable WARP which causes the sample to be played as it originally was. Drag the sample borders right to the beginning of the sample and the clip starts where it's supposed to start.

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  • VRWorkforcepodcast
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    Ive posted a similar question.....and can't get an answer and hope you might help me. I need to import audio files into ableton these are wav files from a tascam digital recorder of speech - interviews. i can open a file in audacity no problem go to my files and import. i need to do the same thing in ableton and can't seem to find the command that allows this. any advice or help would be appreciated. thanks rick sizemore
    vrworkforce podcast. or taborroadorganist@gmail,.com I hope you can help and good luck on your endeavors.

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