How to disable auto start after using tap-tempo

Hi everyone,

When I use the tap-tempo, Live automatically starts to play the current set. How can I disable the auto start when I just want to set a tempo for a guitar delay for example ?

Thanks for your help !




superbeaugosse 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • loopsinworship
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    Any amount of taps under 4 will set the tempo, but won't start the track. I.e. if you tap 3 times you can effectively set the tempo without the track starting. 

    2 years ago | 1 comment
  • bezirani
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    I think this is a stupid feature if you can't disable it! 


    4 months ago | 0 comments
  • musicfan1616
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    The number of taps that set the auto start going is determined by the time signature... SO, if it doesn't screw up your clips and such, you can set the time signature to 8/4 or 16/4 which will give you 7 or 15 taps respectively before Ableton will start playback...

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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