How to disable record arm exclusive

I cant get the record arm on a track to disengage. I have tried turning it off in preferences, i've tried just clicking on it, right clicking on it. All I get is the dialogue box saying "exclusive (preferences)" and again, it is turned off in preferences. Is this a glitch that anybody else is having? It has pretty much made ableton useless. I cant record anything, not even automation cuz it keeps overwriting on that particular track. Even when I open a new clean slate (null project), as soon as I add an audio or midi track, the record arm is always on and i cant turn it off and it will stay on forever. Please, someone help me rectify this issue. I will be forever in your debt.


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    Exclusive means that you can only record/arm one track at a time. Turning this off means you can record several tracks at the same time. Same thing goes for the solo function. (Preferences)

    For recording automation you only need the master record button.
    If you arm a track, it will record anything that is fed into it.

    So one option is to disable any inputs on a track you don't want to record on.
    Besides that, this is too much info to post here, since there are so many options, and it depends on your settings and goal which way is best.

    But i suggest you read the manual on different ways to record, and to see what every setting is all about.

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