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I DJ some with Ableton Live, and I store all the songs in my iTunes library. Unfortunately, Live copies all of these songs over to /Live Library/Samples/Imported — which just ends up wasting a lot of disk space, having duplicates of the songs. Is there any way to just use the files in the iTunes library without copying them?


thecampbell 6 years ago | 1 comment

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  • kanuck
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    what format are the songs that you're importing?  Live can only work with .wav and .aiff files.  if you're songs are in any format then Live will create a duplicate version in either .wav or .aiff

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  • Acid303
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    This is an incredible pain in the arse. Live should support all popular file formats including m4a and flac. The browser should also support tags but that's another story

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  • Carlosnik
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    If you load any track, from any Folder in your system, then you can Save the Project without collecting the files, at least the songs from the native folder.

    I do not know why you are getting the files from your iTunes folder into the library into Live.

    When you save, do you Collect all and Save?

    Are you using a New Folder for your current Project?


    Here is a few steps I usually do when I work with a New Project.

    1. - Open a Blank Template in Live

    2. - Work around with the Track Names - FX - Returns - Master and everything else regarding the Mask / Template Organization

    3. - File - Save as...

    4. - Create a New Folder or simply choose a destination into your system where the Project should be saved on.

    5. - I import all my samples, or Midis or Tracks and work with them as I like.

    6. - Every change i need to be saved on my project, I simply use the Command SAVE from the File Menu.


    If you dont need to Collect the Files from the Different folders you already have in your system, then , do not use the Collect all and Save option.

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