How to disable automapping? (for BCR2000)

Okay, so, basically, I really hate the automapping set up for the Behringer BCR2000. I'm hoping to pretty much remove all of the mapping and do it entirely from scratch.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere; how do you REMOVE all of the MIDI automapping? If I try to assign one of the knobs to pretty much anything, it refuses and instead starts adjusting something seemingly random that it's already linked to. Very frustrating.

TLDR: I want to have completely custom mapping for a MIDI controller, in turn removing the existing automap.


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  • S.Rueckwardt
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    the BCR 2000 encoder and buttons must transmit here midi message not on midichannel 1, please use 2-16 .
    So you can use multiple controllers together with remote script funtionallity ; blue hand (automape) funtions and so on.
    you can do that with the inbuilt midichannel editor on the Behringer. Or look thrue the presents, one of them can have a good basic midi channel setup...
    The BCR 2000 can be conect with a second BCR over a cheap midi cabel so you can use it with only one Remote script slot .
    ... P.s. a Mackie mode exists again...and can be a big deal... Oh and the top 8 encoders have 4 Banks ..the first Bank is for automape (blue hand) the 3 others for custom mappings free
    Behringer BCR 2000 its pretty cool...Controller.
    I hope this Ideas can help.
    ....have more Fun ..... Wfg S.R.

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