How to delete duplicate samples from User Library?

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I understand how to manage my projects by collecting all and saving. My confusion is what happens when I delete unused samples from my User Library. Is the sample considered "used" if I have it loaded into a Sampler that is saved in my User Library? Or is it considered "used" if it is being referenced by a project. Or is it both? I really need to clean house on my User Library but I store all my samples in 128's (if you're unaware a 128 is a Sampler Instrument with 128 samples loaded into it) and don't want to mess up a years worth of sample sorting. Also, if I delete a Sampler instrument that has samples loaded into it from my User Library and then save another Sampler that is using some of the same samples as the one that was deleted, does it save multiple versions of the same sample in the User Library? i.e. I am always updating my 128 of "808s" but each time I delete the old 128 from the library and save a new version that uses some of the same samples, is Live saving multiple copies of the 808 samples in the User Library? Sorry to be long winded... Thank you for the help in advance!

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    Very good question. Looking for the exactly same. Anybody ?

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